5 predictions that might hold true by the next 10 years.

Social Networking would be the order of the day

Yes. It has already started. What, you ask? Well, have you seen Terminator? The baseline is that machines are taking over the entire human race. And giants like ‘Facebook’ and ‘Whatsapp’ are already doing that. Albeit, in a minor way. (I sometimes think Mark Zuckerberg is an android sent from the future by skynet or whatever…and the rest is the future)

Social Networking will have changed the meaning of being ‘Social’ and having an actual organic ‘Network of humans’. Rather we’ll have accounts on the web, interacting with each other. The ‘Emoji’ will have taken over ‘Emotions’. Soon, we’ll be having vacations on the internet. We’ll be there, but we won’t BE there. We’ll be celebrating our birthdays through ‘Instagram’ probably. And we’ll be interacting “face-to-face” through Skype rather than actually Face-to-Face.

If you know what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the concept of social networking. But it’ll be better if it’s taken with a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar rather than create a whole dough out of it.

This is a video which might sum it up properly. It’s called ‘Innovation of Loneliness’. APT.


Honey Singh would still consider himself a rapper (so would half of India)

A great tragedy. Yes, I know. I speak for the people who love quality music. And I say it bluntly to the people who think Honey Singh is a great musician or artist and also supports him in claim of being in the same league as ‘Eminem’, you do not have a good taste in music.

There, I said it. Now you can bring on the comments. Haters!


Bollywood would still think they make quality movies.

I’m talking about all those masala and blockbuster films with horrific action sequences and ghastly story lines. (I liked Chennai Express because Deepika Padukone starred in it. Damn you Rohit Shetty!) I hope filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar and Imtiaz Ali get their due and viewers in India start liking sensible movies.


Most of the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would still be hating the initial ending.

Yes, I said ‘initial’. Because, the creators have incorporated an alternate ending in the DVD case. Smart! What do you think might be in the alternate ending? Do comment below.

I also said ‘Most’ because some people did not hate the ending such as myself. I did think it was kind of a mess. You can find out what I thought of the ending here.


India would still ignore Hockey, Football, Rugby and all other sports/games except for cricket.

Cricket as a business rakes in more money than all other sports and games put together. Sucks right? That might hold true even 10 years later. I mean, I consider Tendulkar one of the greatest sportsmen ever walked on earth even if I hate the game. It’s because of his sheer passion for the game. So did Baichung Bhutia. But how much importance does he get? Think on it.


So here are some predictions that MIGHT hold true by the next 10 years. Ridiculous right?


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